Maintaining an installation

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Keeping up to date with PSDM releases

Since the cctbx.xfel modules do not critically depend on any particular version of pyana, it is generally safe to closely track the latest version of the PSDM software distribution. To upgrade to the current PSDM release,

$ cd /path/to/test/release
$ relupgrade ana-current

where /path/to/test/release must be substituted for path of the test release. The cctbx.xfel modules should then be rebuilt using

$ scons -c
$ scons

It is possible to manually edit /path/to/test/release/.sit_release to contain ana-current instead of a particular version number. This ensures that the latest version of the PSDM software distribution is used during each session.

Keeping a developer installation up to date

Given the rapid development of the PHENIX suite, it is recommended to update the sources and rebuild often. Certain changes may require the configure command (or libtbx.refresh) to be rerun.

$ cd /path/to/cctbx/sources
$ ./allsvn update
$ cd /path/to/cctbx/build
$ make