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The command "cxi.pyana" can be configured to display the diffraction images streamed from an XTC file.

Configuring the viewer

Add to the mod_view section of your pyana config file as follows:

modules = my_ana_pkg.mod_view
num-cpu = 1

address     = CxiDs1-0|Cspad-0
calib_dir   = /reg/g/cctbx/sources/cctbx_project/xfel/metrology/CSPad/run4/CxiDs1.0_Cspad.0
dark_path       = /reg/d/psdm/cxi/cxib9713/res/darks/r0001-Ds1-avg.pickle
dark_stddev     = /reg/d/psdm/cxi/cxib9713/res/darks/r0001-Ds1-stddev.pickle
detz_offset = 555

# Suitable values depend on the repetition rate of the instrument.
n_update    = 120
n_collate   = 60

The command is run as follows:

cxi.pyana -c myconfig_file.cfg /path/to/xtc/streams/e346-r0007-s0[0-4]-c00.xtc

The command will marshal together all events from streams 0-4 in run 7 of experiment 346. Those events with the CXI imaging detector with the given address will be sent to the mod_view module that displays images in a GUI. Dark subtraction is done with the files dark_path and dark_stddev that are described on the Preparatory steps wiki page. Important parameters are:

  • n_update: GUI will only display every Nth event (every 120th image, in this example).
  • n_collate: GUI will display an average image over the last N events (last 60 events, in this example).

Critical step: Please press the Run/Pause (green) button in the GUI to make the action start.