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Any changes to the cppxfel repository are listed here. Some features may be present in the cppxfel code which are currently undocumented if they are subject to change. If you are very keen to use these undocumented features, please email Helen Ginn (my first name @ strubi dot ox dot ac dot uk) and we can arrange something.

6th Feb 2016

cppxfel.run_dials now interfaces with the dials.import module correctly as the DIALS module API had been recently changed. If this breaks your installation, you need to make sure your copy of DIALS is up to date as well.

28th Jan 2016

Several undocumented features are now present. However, this includes a new command ROUGH_CALCULATION which can be included in a typical integrate.txt input file. This greatly increases the speed of orientation matrix refinement if you have set REFINE_ORIENTATIONS to ON.