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Four example datasets from the LCLS are described here, with complete instructions for full data processing.

Aug. 21-22 Data Analysis Workshop.

Getting Started

Go here to set up your environment.

List of Examples

Dataset File Paths Reference & purpose CXIDB
L220 Lysozyme /reg/d/psdm/cxi/cxi84914/xtc/e60 Boutet, 2012 (initial report)
Hattne, 2014 (cctbx reprocessing)
Gd-Lysozyme /reg/d/psdm/cxi/cxi84914/xtc/e239
Barends, 2013 (SAD anomalous phasing) 22
Tutorial revised for psana migration
Barends, 2013 (SAD anomalous phasing) 22
L498 Thermolysin /reg/d/psdm/cxi/cxi84914/xtc/e157 Hattne, 2014 (cctbx processing & weak Zn anomalous signal) 23
LB67 Thermolysin /reg/d/psdm/cxi/cxi84914/xtc/e350 unpublished (illustrate CSPAD hi/lo gain settings)