Using the pre-built cctbx at LCLS

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cctbx.xfel is installed for general use at LCLS. To use it, source the file provided:

 source /reg/g/cctbx/conda_build/

Alternatively, add these lines to your .bashrc file (bash users):

 source /reg/g/cctbx/conda_build/miniconda2/etc/profile.d/
 conda activate myEnv
 source /reg/g/cctbx/conda_build/build/

Likewise for csh users:

 source /reg/g/cctbx/conda_build/miniconda2/etc/profile.d/conda.csh
 conda activate myEnv
 source /reg/g/cctbx/conda_build/build/setpaths.csh

Then log in as normal. All DIALS and cctbx.xfel commands will be available.

/reg/g/cctbx was last updated Aug 9, 2019