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Four example datasets from the LCLS are described here, with complete instructions for full data processing.

Getting Started

Go here to set up your environment.

List of Examples

Dataset File Paths Reference & purpose CXIDB
L220 Lysozyme /reg/d/psdm/cxi/cxi84914/xtc/e60 Boutet, 2012 (initial report)
Hattne, 2014 (cctbx reprocessing)
Gd-Lysozyme /reg/d/psdm/cxi/cxi84914/xtc/e239
Barends, 2013 (SAD anomalous phasing) 22
L498 Thermolysin /reg/d/psdm/cxi/cxi84914/xtc/e157 Hattne, 2014 (cctbx processing & weak Zn anomalous signal) 23
LB67 Thermolysin /reg/d/psdm/cxi/cxi84914/xtc/e350 unpublished (illustrate CSPAD hi/lo gain settings)